QuickConnect™ instantly enables all merchant services on any Windows POS in 3 minutes.

No integration required.

Created by merchants for merchants

Automate Amount Entry

QuickConnect automatically captures the total amount from the POS and sends it to the external payment terminal for 100% accuracy.

Enable EMV & Mobile Pay

QuickConnect your feature rich POS/SaaS to virtually any payment terminal to allow consumers to pay with EMV, Gift Cards or with their Mobile device.

Eliminate Multiple Devices

QuickConnect reduces the need for multiple terminals and PIN Pads, while replacing non-integrated tablets for accepting orders.


Thousands of Merchants are using a Windows based POS to manage and operate their business, but these systems have limited integrations to enable value-add services, leaving the merchant with no option or access to the latest technologies.

“Hi, I’m Vishal Patel, owner of several retail locations, and I created QuickConnect™ to allow me to keep my POS and choose my preferred partners, while improving the checkout experience. Now other Merchants can QuickConnect™ to non-integrated services they desire, all while enabling the latest payment types.”

Vishal Patel (Founder/CEO)


Windows based POS/SaaS can now enable any new external hardware or application to add-value to their current feature-rich program. This allows merchants to continue to use these incredible systems, while having access to an entirely new marketplace of technical products.

QuickConnnect™ 3rd Party Mobile Apps like Digital Coupons and Order Ahead apps to older Windows based POS/SaaS, while reducing tablets needed.

Merchant Services

Providers of payment processing, gift cards, college campus cards, health care cards or any closed-loop card program can now QuickConnnect™ to any Windows based POS in 3 minutes!

Windows based POS/SaaS have the largest market share of systems used by retailers, restaurants, medical, dental, veterinarians, auto repair and many other businesses.

QuickConnect™ Benefits


  • QuickConnect™ can be installed on virtually any Windows based POS, which are used by most businesses. However, it currently is not supported on iOS or Android systems, but does support cloud based solutions with a browser version for Windows.

  • QuickConnect™ is a semi-integrated solution that enables any old or new Windows POS to accept EMV and mobile payments on an external payment terminal by automatically capturing the total amount due on the POS and sending it to the terminal, which reduces 100% of amount entry errors and speeds up the checkout process.

    Most POS/SaaS have proprietary processing and gift card partners, which restrict the POS, merchant service providers and the merchants from preferred partners and additional services. It only takes 3 minutes to QuickConnect™ to any of these services, which benefit all parties.

  • Any merchant that is using a POS or SaaS. QSR, any retail, medical, dental, veterinarian clinics, auto repair, dealerships or any specialty Mom & Pop establishment. Merchants that are already using an external payment terminal need QuickConnect™ to eliminate 100% of amount entry errors, while improving the checkout experience.

  • QuickConnect™ currently works with several major brand payment terminals and can easily work with all other brand terminals. Since QuickConnect™ communicates directly with the payment terminal, then it is agnostic to all payment processors and gateways.

  • Yes. QuickConnect™ can enable any browser based service or any closed-loop card program that work on external payment terminals. This includes gift cards, college campus cards, health care cards, digital coupons, order ahead apps, etc. All of these types of services can QuickConnect™ on a Windows based POS in 3 minutes.

  • Yes, pending hardware used, Cash Discount, paperless receipts and charity programs are features available within the QuickConnect™ configuration and can be turned on/off at any time within QuickConnect™.

  • The configuration for QuickConnect™ allows a merchant to choose Adjust Tips, Tip During the Sale or No Tip. Adjusting tips can be completed by merchant staff within QuickConnect™ by entering the transaction ID and then adding the appropriate tip amount.

  • A QuickConnect™ representative currently works with strategic partners to download the program and set-up the configuration per POS. Remote access expedites the process and can be completed within a few minutes. Configuration includes choosing network printer, receipt header/footer, enable Cash Discount, tip, etc. Most strategic partners can handle installation after the first few installs.

  • QuickConnect™ is a semi-integrated solution ideal for merchants that currently have or desire an external terminal. Merchants currently using an external terminal already have a process in place, where they either use Cash to tender the ticket after completing the sale. These merchants deduct the batch totals from the Cash amount to determine Cash balance. Other merchants can add/create another tender option/button and name it accordingly (External, QuickConnect™) to use on the POS to close the ticket. Merchants that are moving from a fully integrated payment process will adopt one of the previously mentioned options above.

  • A phone number for QuickConnect™ will be provided for first level support (M-F / 9-6 pm) to provide appropriate support or route the call accordingly.

Pick the plan that’s best for you.

Strategic Partners choose a block of licenses to enable services for their merchants. One QuickConnnect™ license is used per POS station.

$200 /month

  • 20 Licenses
  • $10 Each

$500 /month

  • 100 Licenses
  • $5.00 Each

$2,500 /month

  • 1000 Licenses
  • $2.50 Each

$5,000 /month

  • 5000 Licenses
  • $1.00 Each

Strategic Partners

Become a partner and QuickConnect™ your merchant services by contacting us for your risk free 60 day trial.

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